The good thing about having a blog is to be able to express your point of view freely. I will therefore try to write this article about tourist activities involving animals to avoid absolutely staying calm. It is sometimes difficult though in front of stupid tourist behavior … I think that we live in a world where access to information is easy and instantaneous. Animal cruelty is a subject to take seriously. It is thus difficult to claim ignorance. In this article, I don’t want to open the debate of vegetarianism or Veganism. I want to bring forward that animals have rights. To suffer and abuse animals to be able to earn a few euros and amuse the gallery should not exist in 2018. I would like to believe so much that if the six activities below still exist, it is because of ignorance and not of carelessness!

6 World’s cruellest tourist activities with animals

Riding Elephants  |  Dancing Monkeys
Marine Parks  |  Taking tiger selfies
Civet coffee plantations  |  Holding Sea Turtles 

Also to avoid

Riding Elephants

Activity very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, riding elephants is also one of the most barbaric tourist activities! Elephant rides are a nightmare for these wild animals that are not genetically made to live under human control. For an elephant to take tourists on its back, it goes through an extremely cruel training process, “the phajaan”. The animal is then tortured, starved and deprived of sleep to break its wild nature. Many elephants do not survive these tortures. After that, they spend a life of misery chained all day long and carry loads too heavy for the pleasure of stupid tourists without conscience. An elephant in captivity lives half as long as in the wild.

If you want to meet these majestic and extremely intelligent animals, you should inquire in advance, to find a place where the welfare of the animal is a priority. There are many sanctuaries where elephants are well treated and can live out of human restraint.

Top 6 world's cruellest tourist activities with animals

Dancing Monkeys

In the section of wild animals that should never live in a cage, at the end of a rope or under the authority of a human, we find the monkeys. Again, it is in Asia that these practices are common. Many street shows are offered where monkeys on a leash are placed on your shoulder for a photo that you will, of course, pay. They don’t hesitate to clothe the monkeys with stupid outfits or even make them up for the show. These monkeys wear chains all day, which can create injuries and they are locked in a cage once their mission is over. In short, everything seems unnatural, isn’t it ? If you witness one of these shows, go your way and do not encourage such activities. If you want to see monkeys, there are many places where primates move freely and I assure you that they provide the show without the need for unscrupulous human orders.

Top 6 world's cruellest tourist activities with animals

Marine Parks

Aside from living in a cave for a few years, you may have heard of the hell out of the water parks for marine animals. I cannot even understand how people can still pay the entrance to a park where each animal is going through a real ordeal and call it a leisure activity. Dolphins, orcas, polar bears, sea lions … they are wild animals that must live in the wild. Often captured in the wild by poachers, these animals are then locked in ponds that are much too small, drug-doped and artificially inseminated. You do not have to be a genius to know that a dolphin or an orca, can not live in a pool and that polar bear or sea lion can not live on concrete. Paying a ticket for these parks is the same as encouraging the torture of these animals. You do not have a problem with that ?

Taking tiger selfies

Since it seems that animal welfare and Thailand do not get along well, it is still in this country that this cruel tourist activity is practiced, in more than 10 different sites. However, these are not the only ones, since I have also seen other stupid tourists taking pictures of themselves with a tiger or a lion in Asia, South America or Africa. But, when can one think that a wild animal can be touched or photographed hundreds of times a day without affecting its well-being? Obviously, we all dream of being able to cuddle these huge cats, but do not always put your desires before everything else! These felines are made to evolve in a wild environment in which you would not even have the idea to draw your selfie stick.

Civet coffee plantations

If you do not know this practice, the civet coffee plantations consist of using the excrement of the civets that feed on coffee cherries to produce a coffee of excellent quality. If all this was done in respect of the animal, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, producers capture these animals and lock them in dirty, tiny cages to increase their yield. These animals get sick because of a diet based exclusively on coffee cherries. This can lead to a self-mutilation or death of the animal. During your travels, avoid these plantations not to condone the exploitation and the torture of the civet and opt instead for the traditional coffee.

Holding Sea turtles

We all agree that sea turtles are beautiful and that swimming with them is a real must-do. However, you do not need to take them in your hands and hold them to enjoy! This causes a large amount of stress in the animal which starts flapping fins. While struggling, the turtle can cause fractures. Think twice before taking a sea turtle in your hands to get the perfect (stupid) vacation picture!

Top 6 world's cruellest tourist activities with animals

Also to avoid

  • Snake charmer
  • Bear Parks
  • Corridas
  • Horse drawn carriage
  • Shark cage diving


To conclude this article, I will say that for every activity with animals, we must do research upstream to learn. Regarding to all the activities listed below, they have to be banned. Whatever the treatment, wild animals must not suffer the desires and tortures of humans. For other activities, such as horseback riding, camel trekking, animal sanctuaries or cruises to observe dolphins and whales, I recommend that you inquire and talk with your guide to find out more. You don’t have to be an expert to see if an animal is healthy and well treated.

Top 6 world's cruellest tourist activities with animals




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