If you are looking for a sunny and exotic holiday destination, you must have already thought about Sri Lanka. This island located less than 15 hours flight from Europe is the perfect place to take a break under the sun, dive into a new culture and explore. If you are wondering why, here are the 6 reasons why you should visit Sri Lanka

The top 6 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Escape to a tropical paradise   The most beautiful train ride of your life
Sri Lankan cuisine    Discover elephants in the wild
Heavenly beaches and surf   Never bored in Sri Lanka
What I did not like in Sri Lanka

Escape to a tropical paradise

Let’s be honest, when looking for a holiday destination, you imagine beautiful  beaches, palm trees as far as the eye can see, a weather that allows you to bring only summer clothes and a ton of activities. . Perfect! Sri Lanka is  full of varied landscapes under pleasant tropical heat. Also, the high season for a trip to Sri Lanka is winter in Europe. You can trade the 3 degrees of the metropolis for a daily 28 °C.

Weligama in Sri Lanka

The most beautiful train ride of your life

One of the most popular attractions while traveling to Sri Lanka is the famous train journey between Kandy and Ella. For about 6 hours, hop aboard the famous blue train that will take you through hills, high mountains and tea plantations.

If you have the opportunity to book in advance, do it a month in advance to get a seat. Otherwise, you have to arrive the same day at the station and a ticket costs a little less than 3 €. In any case, it is likely that you spend the majority of your trip in front of the open door to enjoy the scenery. Choose the right side of the train between Kandy and Nuwara Elya and go on the left side between Nuwara Elya and Ella.

Sri Lanka Cuisine

I don’t know if we travel to discover the food or if the food makes us travel, but you will not be disappointed with the cuisine of Sri Lanka. With strong Indian influences, Sri Lankan cuisine offers many variations of “Rice and Curry”. Lentils, fish, seafood, vegetables, meat, curry is preparing in a thousand different ways. Do not forget to try sambol, a grated coconut salad.

Who says tropical island also says an infinite declination of tropical fruits to consume without moderation

Discover elephants in their natura environment

Sri Lanka has no less than 13 national parks with incredible wildlife. If you have always dreamed of seeing elephants in their natural environment, this is the perfect travel destination. You can discover the two main national parks, Udawalawe and Yala, on a safari that will amaze you. For less than 40€ per person, board for more than 5 hours safari in a private Jeep. Here are the animals you will be able to spot : elephants, monkeys, buffaloes, crocodiles, birds and even leopards if you are lucky.

Heavenly beaches and surf

Sri Lanka located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offers a multitude of heavenly beaches. From the huge white sand beach to the small tropical creek, there is something for everyone.

Here are the top 6 of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka :
– Unawatuna beach and its famous swings under the coconut trees
– Jungle Beach and its emerald water perfect for snorkeling
– Nilaveli in the north-west of the country and its turquoise water
– Tangalle in the south and its marine nature park
– Secret Beach in Mirissa
– Kuchevali and its wild beauty.

Sri Lanka is also a popular destination for surfing, regardless of your level. For beginners, I can only recommend Weligama beach as it’s long with quiet waves.

You never get bored in Sri Lanka

Go on a safari, go hiking, swim under a waterfall, visit a Buddhist temple, do a cooking class, enjoy a sunset on a the beach, learn surfing, drink a cocktail by the pool, take a train … The possibilities are endless in Sri Lanka and this is certainly the favorite part of my trip to the island in the Indian Ocean.

What I did not like in Sri Lanka

You can imagine that each destination can not be totally perfect. Here is a small listing of things I did not like in Sri Lanka.

  • The inhabitants are not used to see blond women. Throughout my stay, I had to endure insistent and annoying glances.
  • You are a tourist aka  you have money. Although most Sri Lankans are very welcoming and will help you with your stay, they will not hesitate to scratch a few rupees here and there. Remember to compare prices and always negotiate.
  • It takes a long time to move from point A to point B. As with most Asian countries, the distances announced by Google Maps are not to be taken literally. To travel a hundred kilometers you will need about 3 hours.

And you, have you ever been to Sri Lanka? Tell me in the comments what you thought!



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