Going soon to Egypt but you’re not familiar with egyptian traditional dishes ? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you know more about the delicious specialties of Egypt. I think you may be already familiar with falafels, right ? What about koshary, feteer or molokheya ? Ringing any bells ? Nothing at all ? Okay, then let’s get to it with the top 6 typical dishes in Egypt.

Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt

Koshari – The national dish of Egypt

The most typical egyptian dish of all : koshari ! Believe it or not, but I tried koshari for the first time when I was a student in the USA. One of my egyptian friends made me discover this delicious recipe. Some even say that it’s better when cooked at home, but you’ll be able to try it in a lot of restaurants and street stalls in Egypt. Regarding the ingredients, koshari is made of rice, macaroni and lentils topped of spiced tomato sauce, fried onions and chickpeas. As you can imagine, Egyptian cuisine depends heavily on beans, lentils as well as vegetables. Vegetarians will have no problem getting by in Egypt.

But what about dessert after koshary ? Do you like sweet pastries ? Then I would recommend Zalabia which is an oriental specialty made of honey, sugar, cardamom and flour. It’s the perfect treat after a heavy meal !

The Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt

Feteer – essential for breakfast

Arabic pastries are popular and known to be savory. Feteer, does not infringe that rule. Irresistibly tasty, this sort of oriental pie can be stuffed with different ingredients. Cheese, beef, chocolate, honey, the decision is all yours ! For the little story, Feteer was already used as offerings for gods at the time of the pharaohs. Now, it’s commonly served in weddings and special occasions.

Hamam mahshi – Stuffed pigeon

Stuffed pigeon is an extremely popular dish in Egypt. You might not be used to eating pigeons, but the taste is actually similar to duck. Usually, egyptians eat it with vine leaves or tahini. Regarding the stuffing, you’ll either have rice or fereekh which is basically bulgur wheat. If you are a bit scared to eat pigeons because of the unflattering reputation they have in Europe, maybe you could start with quails !

The Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt
Hamam mahshi

Konafa – Angel’s dessert

One of my favorite oriental pastries ? Konafa of course ! Baked with cheese, sugar and syrup, it’s the perfect snack after a heavy meal. But this pastry actually comes from Palestine, that’s where I got the chance to try it for the first time. I was glad to see that in Egypt too it is pretty popular.

The Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt

Molokheya – the Soup of jute

Another national dish that you may come across in the egyptian restaurants: Molokheya. What is it ? It’s simply a thick green soup of molokheya leaves eaten with either chicken, shrimps or rabbit. It is usually accompanied on the side by rice, torshi or mekhalel (pickled vegetables).

The Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt

Keshk – A dried fermented mixture

If you are a bit adventurous, you can try this yogurt-based pudding made with flour, caramelized onions and chicken. You can pour it over rice or eat it with pita bread. Egyptian eat it all year round and is recognized as a real delicacy.


The Top 6 typical dishes in Egypt

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