Instagram is definitely my favorite social network. I have never hooked on Twitter and Facebook seems to have become a platform for cute  dog videos and memes. I love being able to share in a few clicks my best photos and easily discover accounts of other travel addicts. Speaking of these accounts that we love to follow for their perfect photos, you must know that there is always a little secret behind the most beautiful Instagram photos. Without considering myself as a professional at all, here are my 6 favorite applications to edit your photos and improve your Instagram.

The top 6 apps to improve your Instagram

Lightroom Mobile  |  Plann
Remove Unwanted  |  Snapseed
InShot |  Canva

A little secret : Unfollowers

Lightroom Mobile – The best to edit



You must have heard about Lightroom CC from the Adobe Suite that does little miracles on the photos. If the full version on a computer is not free (12€/month), the mobile application is free and offers a lot of possibilities. If the app can be scary when first opened, it quickly becomes easy to use. Just play with the settings to discover the range of possibilities Lightroom Mobile offers. In addition to classic settings such as exposure, saturation or temperature, Lightroom allows you to edit color by color your photo. For example, I like to bring out the blue on my Instagram feed. For each photo, I use Lightroom to spotlight the blue.

If you want more explanations on how to retouch my photos on Lightroom, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments.

The Top 6 Apps to improve your Instagram

Plann – Organize your feed

Once you have a selection of perfect photos to post on your Instagram, comes the question of how to organize your feed. The free Plann app lets you control the look of your feed by uploading photos you would like to post on Instagram. You can then move or delete them as you wish to see the result without affecting your own account.

Plann also allows you to see your account statistics : the best performing publications, the best time to post your photo according to your audience, your color palette or your top performing hashtags.

Remove Unwanted – Be alone on all your photos

You must know this moment: you want the perfect photo, but no chance, you realize that there is someone behind you. With the free Unwanted application, you can remove people, signs or whatever is bothering you on your shot. The only condition is to have a fairly uniform background. If there are too many details behind you, the application will have trouble removing some items. But, for a photo on a beach, in the countryside or in the mountains, no one will notice.


The Top 6 Apps to improve your Instagram

Snapseed – Easy editing

Snapseed is an application that has a lot of similarity with Lightroom, but much easier to use. This free application allows you to do basic editing, such as cropping, corrections or contrast and also offers original filters. Among the features that I like about this application, there is the HDR rendering that can not be bad for some photos, the brush that allows you to retouch only specific part of your photo. The text tool is also nice to create original stories. The correction tool is not bad either for small quick fixes.



InShot – Originale and creative stories

The free InShot app lets you create original stories, with many more options that the stories create directly on Instagram. Just select the ration 2:1 in the tool “adapt” to have the format of a story. Then you can can let your imagination go wild. You can create imaginative stories as well as collages with multiple photos and add text. The fonts are particularly pretty on this application, for a super aesthetic rendering.

Canva – Create your own designs

If you do not know Canva yet, it’s time to fix it! Canva can be used directly on the computer  or the mobile application is free and allows you to create graphics for all social networks. Facebook Post, graphic for Pinsterest, Infographic, Logo or Instagram Story, all templates are available. Canva’s free database has thousands of image or design templates to create original and homemade publications. Canva also makes it easy to create a graphic chart (important especially for bloggers) and to respect it throughout your publications, on various social networks.

A little secret : Unfollowers Instagram

The last application will not allow you to improve your Instagram account, but to take a quick look at your subscriber base. The free app Unfollowers Instagram allows you to quickly summarize your account in just a few clicks. You can see which accounts do not follow you back (good to detect addicts to the follow / unfollow game), who are your ghost subscribers or who are your most active subscribers. I grant you, it’s not necessary, but it’s cool to get an idea from time to time.


And you, what are your favorite apps to improve your Instagram? Tell me in the comments, I love discovering new applications!


The Top 6 Apps to improve your Instagram

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