There are so many different ways to travel and discover a new place. You can choose to get lost in the city, do research to get the perfect itinerary or opt for a guide. I prefer to lose myself in an unknown place, but anyway, I do not have the choice, I lose myself all the time with or without a map. There are, however, a few rules that I apply to each of my travels. Check out my top 6 things to do absolutely every time you discover a new place.

6 Things you should do every time you travel

Take a walk around  | Eat local
Search a viewing point   |     Experience the nightlife
Talk with a local   |  Bring back memories 


Take a walk around

Whether you are sporty or not, it is on foot that we discover at best a new place. There is nothing better than getting around the city through the streets or alleys to admire the sights or discover secret places. When you take the subway, you can miss so many things. Of course, for many destinations, it is not possible to do everything on foot. Try to check on your smartphone or map how far away is the place you want to see and if it is possible on feet. I have already lost so much time on public transport, when actually I wanted to go not that far.

Among the things to do, you can also opt for a guided tour of the city on foot. Many cities offer free walking tours to learn much more about the history or architecture of the city. And then like that, you do your daily thirty minutes walk recommended by the doctor, what more can you ask for!

6 Things you should do all the time you travel

Eat local

Can we really discover a country if we do not taste the local specialties? Not for me! Traveling also goes through the plate. Whether tapas from Spain, pizzas from Italy, Pad Thai from Thailand, Mie Goreng from Balo, burgers from the United States or Samosas from Mauritius, you have to taste everything! I usually go to a local restaurant to taste the specialties. Moreover, these are usually the cheapest restaurants. For some destinations, you can also test the food stands directly on the street. I am thinking in particular of Asia, where street food is just to die for.

Search for a viewing point

Whether in a city, in the mountains or an island, I always manage to gain height. I have a weakness for panoramic views, I must admit. In town, try to find the building that has a terrace or a viewpoint at the top. In some cities, they are must-sees like Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the CN Tower in Toronto. For other cities, it can be cathedrals, museums, libraries, hotels or bars. Do a little research before leaving and enjoy a sublime view of the city. Regarding the nature, there is always a promontory, a point of view or a mountain to enjoy incredible panorama on the horizon!

6 Things you should do all the time you travel

Experience the nighlife

I must admit, on every trip, there is always a time when I have a party. I understand however that not everyone wants to party until early in the morning.  It is always interesting to dive into the heart of the nightlife of the city that we are discovering. Whether it’s an evening at the restaurant, having a drink in the vibrant neighbourhood, dancing in a club or simply strolling through the streets to admire the glittering lights of the city, consider staying at least one evening later in town.

6 Things you should do all the time you travel

Talk with a local

Often, we come back from a trip and we realize that we have not exchanged with any single local person. This problem is all the more present with the language barrier. However, I love to talk with a local to know some anecdotes about the place, or, even better, nice addresses. I assure you that opportunities are not lacking. This can be the taxi driver, the waiter in a restaurant, a passer-by to whom you ask for your way or someone in a bar or restaurant. And that person may even have some questions about where you are coming from. After all, one of the greatest pleasures of traveling is meeting new people and discovering new cultures!

Bring back memories

Even if you think the memories are in your head, I can assure you that if fades with time. In addition, your loved ones will certainly be happy to see your holiday photos or even to have a small gift as a souvenir. To remember your trip or your experiences, you can take pictures. Even if you find it a little bit boring on the spot, you’ll be more than happy to have them later. You can also keep a travel journal up to date, in writing or online. And if not, you can stop at  a souvenir shop and bring back something typical.

6 Things you should do all the time you travel


And you, what are you doing on absolutely every trip ? I am really curious to know !


6 Things you should do all the time you travel

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