What is the most annoying on a trip? Other tourists, of course! One of my favorite parts of traveling  is meeting new people from around the world. But if sometimes you meet people who are open-minded, you also meet the worst tourists in the world. The one who keeps complaining all the time, the one who knows everything better than everyone else, the one who compares everything to his home country … Do you see what I’m talking about? So, for you, here are my top 6 tourists that I love to hate !

The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

The one who is too demanding The one who ignores the rules
The one who is impatient    The one who drinks to much
The one who is smarter than everyone else   The one who compares everything

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The one who is too demanding

You are at the reception of your hotel and you hear in the distance that the tone is rising. You can hear a tourist that complains about a cold soup at the buffet, the temperature of the pool or the delay of five minutes from the shuttle to the beach … In short, you just met the typical demanding tourist. Because he has waited all year for this holidays and he takes pleasure to remind everyone. Even this poor waitress who only works there for the summer to pay her apartment in September.

The one who ignores the rules

Now, you are leaving your hotel and go discover all the treasures of your destination. You arrive in front of a temple where you are asked to take off your shoes and not to take pictures. Of course, this rule does not seem to apply to everyone and certainly not to this couple in front of you who is capturing everything on the smartphone. You continue in a museum where it is written in full (and all languages) that nothing should be touched. Again, it seems that this rule only applies to a certain category of people which we can call “normal people”. I will also add to this list, the one who speaks loudly in places of worship, the one who puts himself in danger outside the marked trails, the one who tries to touch the wild animals … In short, the one we want to slap.

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The one who is impatient

Undoubtedly a close friend of the demanding tourist, let me tell about the one who is impatient. Even though he’s on vacation, this tourist has a schedule to stand one, so there’s no question of queuing like everyone else. On the contrary, the thinks pushing the person in front of him will make things go faster. Let’s speak now about this tourist in a restaurant. He will probably call the waitress more than fifteen times, because his dish is still not there, even if he sees that she is overwhelmed.

The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

The one who drinks to much

Far from our daily routine, it is normal to have fun with a cocktail or a beer. Having a drink on the terrace, ordering a bottle of wine at the restaurant or dancing in a nightclub is totally normal on holidays. Unfortunately, for many tourists, it’s far from enough. So I’m talking about the type of tourist whose slogan is “what happens abroad stays abroad”. So he drinks a lot, without any limit, then he starts to have inappropriate dangerous and outrageous behavior.

The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

The one who is smater than everyone else

“No way! Did you really pay €30  for this tour? You’ve been scammed! I paid only €20 through this tourist company!” You know him, the one who knows everything better than everybody and who always has the best ideas. You even have the impression to have met the author of Lonely Planet in person.  If he can have some good addresses, he quickly becomes tiring with his bad plans. Yes, we know that there are less people on Monday, but it is Saturday for fuck’s sake!

The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

The one who compares everything

I think I will finish this top 6 with the tourist type that exasperates me the most in the world! I speak obviously of this tourist who turns out being the biggest fan of his home country on vacation and who feels the need to compare everything with it. Generally, this person is the mix between all the other ones. He starts with a false good idea, then he is impatient and complains and at the end he feels obliged to say that back home, it would never happen! Well, I have a tip for you: next time, stay at home!

The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

4 dumb things tourists have done

  • A 15-year-old Chinese boy engraved his name on the wall of Luxor temple in Egypt. While he was inscribing”Ding Jinhao visited this place” another tourist photographed the scene, which provoked an outcry on the net.
  • Two Americans were fined €450 for diving into the Trevi Fountain in the middle of the night. The mission was to reproduce a scne from 1960 film “La Dolce Vita”.
  • In 2012, two English tourists were arrested in Australia for stealing a penguin from Sea World. It turns out that they were completely drunk and even swam with dolphins, according to surveillance cameras.
  • In 2012 again, a Norwegian tourist was found on a luggage carousel at an aiport in Rome. Completely drunk, he would have fallen asleep on a check-in counter, then

And you, what is the kind of tourist that infuriates you the most? Feel free to tell me in the comments!
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The Top 6 Tourists we love to hate on holidays

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