One thing’s for sure, you will love Cairo for its food and traditional cuisine. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants and places to get food in the capital. But the icing on the cake ? Food is cheap !
I don’t know about you, but when I’m visiting a country, I hate being disappointed by the restaurants I go to. That’s why, in order to help you once you arrive in Cairo, I put up together a list of 6 restaurants where you can enjoy a delightful meal near the iconic spots of the city. Are you ready for this gastronomy tour ?

Top 6 best restaurants in Cairo


Let’s start with this restaurant located in New Giza, in the city of 6th of October where you’ll eat on a hill overlooking Cairo. Ideal if you’ve just visited the Pyramids since it’s only a couple of minutes away. I recommend to try the quail and chicken liver which are extremely typical in Egypt. For starters, there’s nothing better than some bread with hummus and aioli accompanied by salads or mezes. Andrea is also popular for its grilled chicken, so make sure to try it out !

The Top 6 best Restaurants in Cairo

Kebabgy Sofitel

Meat lovers, this is your place ! This Mediterranean restaurant serves excellent mezes and delicious kebab. If you’re looking for a nice lunch or dinner in a pleasant setting, then go to Kebabgy. The restaurant is located next to the Sofitel Hotel where you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the Nile and the vibrant capital. I recommend to try the homemade bread with hummus, kebab & kofta as well as tabouleh, you will love it !


This is the last restaurant I went to before going back to France, and it was so worth it ! Located in Garden City, on the 19th floor, you can enjoy and contemplate an impressive 180°C city view. It can be the occasion for you to catch the sun fading behind the majestic Pyramids. Truly mesmerizing ! There, you’ll be able to share a selection of dishes similar to tapas or enjoy the signature dishes. What kind of cuisine will you be able to find at Mantis ? The dining venue offers sophisticated and refined oriental dishes. Don’t forget to taste the churros for dessert, they are a killer !

The Top 6 best Restaurants in Cairo


Falafels, shawerma, vine leaves, sambousek, shish taouk… Sounds pretty tasty right ? Personally I’m a big fan of lebanese and oriental food, that’s why I recommend going to Sequoia which offers an incredible cuisine. Located in Zamalek, you can enjoy a nice view on the Nile as well as a cozy, laid back atmosphere. To me, this place definitely deserves a thumbs up.

The Moghul Room

The best indian restaurant in Cairo ! You absolutely have to go there, I’m not kidding, you would be missing out ! The restaurant is located in one of the most unique hotels of Egypt: the Mena House Hotel. Impregnated by a rich history, the 5 star resort arises as the perfect place to enjoy a nice dinner in an exclusive atmosphere. The Mena House overlooks the impressive pyramids, however the restaurant Moghul Room doesn’t. I’m sure you will have an amazing time in this exceptional setting and enjoy it as much as I did.

The Top 6 best Restaurants in Cairo


Mouth-watering cuisine, modern, cosy and contemporary ambiance, terrific service and beautiful view on the Nile, what else could we ask for ? Fried lasagna rolls and sweet shrimps avocado were actually my favorites. Between the flavorful dishes and the rooftop terrace, you will never want to leave this place !


The Top 6 best Restaurants in Cairo

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