Miami is one of the top destinations in the United States with New York and Los Angeles. When I found a return flight for less than $300 in high season for Florida’s most famous city,  I couldn’t resist going to visit Miami. For a week, I was able to discover a thrilling city, enjoy the incredible beaches of Miami Beach and leave for a great road trip to the Keys. Honestly, I loved Miami and in view of the prices of plane tickets lately, I recommend you to explore the city yourself.

6 Reasons to visit Miami

Enjoy the beach all year round  |   Shopping Paradise
Immerse yourself in Latin culture  |  Road trip in the Keys
The magic of the Everglades  |  Events and party all year

What I do not like about Miami

Enjoy the beach all year round

Did you know that in Miami, it is never less than 20°C ? The city of Florida has a sunny climate all year and especially in winter. This is also the main reason that made me jump on the plane to escape the cold of Germany in March to expose my whiteness on the beaches of Miami. Although the water of the ocean was a little cold for me, I was able to spend long hours tanning on the huge beaches of Miami and it’s a real treat. Be aware that the hottest months in Miami are during the summer and it is also the hurricane season. You won’t be able to say that I did not warn you !

The Top 6 reasons to visit Miami

Shopping paradise

When you live in Europe, you cannot resist to go shopping in the United States to take advantage of all the brands that are not found back home. My favorite place was Lincold Road, a great place to shop and eat in Miami Beach. This huge commercial street has the advantage of being outside. This allows you to enjoy the sun without getting stuck in a shopping center. There are also many restaurants with terraces everywhere to take a break after all these fittings. Alternatively, a 40-minute drive from Miami, you have the Saw Grass Mills Outlet : Florida’s largest shopping center with 400 stores. You get a bit lost, but you can do good business.

Immerse yourself in Latin culture

Just arrived at Miami airport, you will realize the Latin influence in the city: everyone speaks Spanish! the neighborhood I liked the most in the city was Little Havana and its Cuban atmosphere. Here you will find a succession of restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets offering Cuban dishes or products. Personally, I have never eaten nachos and guacamole as much as during my vacation in Miami! You can really enjoy all types of food : Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican or Colombian cuisine. Little Havana is also the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail while listening to live music.

Road Trip in the Keys

If you are going to Miami, be sure to keep enough time to go for a few days in the Keys. It is an archipelago of islands, all connectec by huge bridges, located south Florida, a few kilometers from Cuba. To describe it simply, once there, you are in the Caribbean! I first went to Key Largo, about 2 hours drive from Miami, and then I went to Key West, the southernmost point in the country. The atmosphere is completely different there, the people are laid back and the beaches are huge and beautiful. It was like a vacation from my vacation.

The Top 6 reasons to visit Miami

The magic of the Everglades

Florida is know for its alligator and it is in the Everglades that you can admire them in their naturel environment. It is a marshland of 1900 km², west of Miami and home to more than 200,000 alligators. I advise you to take an airboat to discover the huge swamp at full speed and see its huge reptiles evolve freely. It’s pretty scary, I must say, because the boats are really close to the surface of the water and therefore, alligators. As the Everglades Park is huge, the easiest way is to go to Homestead, about an hour and a half from Miami, to do it in one day.

The Top 6 reasons to visit Miami

Events and party all year

Miami is known around the world as a hotspot and I went there in the middle of the Spring Break and Ultra Festival. I did not participate in both events, as the prices were ridiculously expensive, but I could feel the atmosphere in the city. One of my best nights was on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. You can find hundreds of bars and restaurants next to each other with terraces and music. Nightclubs are particularly expensive in Miami (minimum $30). Otherwise, the neighborhood of Wynwood is nice for all its trendy bars.

What I did not like in Miami

Since this trip to Miami was not my first in the United States, I already knew the bad things. But since I only went for a week in Miami, I did not really have time to complain about it.

  • City of contrasts :  In Miami, there are very, very rich people and very, very poor people. Said like that, it’s quite simple, but it means that extreme poverty and extreme wealth coexist within a few kilometers of each other. Be aware that Miami is the fourth largest city in the United States with the most people living below the poverty line.
  • Ecology  :  when you are a French person traveling in the United States, you realize that France still has a lot ahead of the questions of ecology. Selective sorting does not exist yet, everyone prefers to use their own car rather than taking public transport, even for a short distance, you are given a dozen plastic bags for their items purchased … Simply put, there is work!


And you, have you been to Miami before? What is your favorite place or activity? I can not wait to read your comments!

The Top 6 reasons to visit Miami


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