I was born half Spanish, half French, so yes… You could say I’m a little bit biased when I’m talking about this destination… And there’s one question that always remains: When can I go back to Spain ? If you’ve never been to this country, here are 6 reasons why you’ll fall in love with Spain.


6  Reasons to fall in love with Spain

Beautiful cities  Perfect weather<
Legendary parties    The sunny Andalucia
A cheap destination   Spectacular beaches

What I dont like about Spain 

Beautiful cities

Spain is an amazing place that reunites such a great array of cities. Because of its history and the diverse influences throughout the years, Spanish cities feature an impressive energy. Sevilla, Barcelona, Granada and also the island of Fuerteventura are among my favorites to visit. They all have this little something that makes them unique in the world. Whether it’s the past arabic influences reflecting in the architecture, the vibe and atmosphere of the cities, or the inspiring landscapes, there’s always something to be fascinated about. And let’s not forget the islands, which are ones of the most beautiful in Europe !

6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

Perfect weather

The south of Spain enjoys an average of more than 320 sunny days each year. Compared to Normandy (where I come from) it’s literally paradise.There’s no better feeling than walking around under the sun and enjoying a tasty leche merengada ice cream to cool down. By the way, you must try this flavor with cinnamon, it’s the best thing on earth ! Don’t forget to protect your skin with sun cream, if you don’t want to look like a crayfish. Especially in Sevilla where it can get boiling-hot in summer (40°C-104°F).

6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

Legendary parties

If you like to party, then Spain is the place to be in Europe ! Between Ibiza, Barcelona, Mojacar and Marbella there are a lot of possibilities to party. You might not know Mojacar, but it’s situated between Alicante and Almeria, this small city is known for being a little Ibiza. If one day you go there and you’d like to know where to party, hit me up, I have some tips for you. And if you go to Barcelona, I wrote you an article about the 6 best nightclubs of the city.

In Spain you can party all night long and even after the sun comes up. Whether you like beach parties or fancy nightclubs, Spain ought to be on your travel/party list.

6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

The sunny Andalucia

This is the region I know best in Spain. I have travelled there almost every year since my teenage years. It has so much to offer ! First of all, let me just say that I love the Arabic culture so when I walk by moorish palaces and beautiful mosques I’m directly transported to another world. If you are not familiar with the spanish history, you must know that in the past there has been many different Muslim invasions in Spain, which influenced architecture, language, food, music and so on. You’ll see that this splendid diversity is what makes the region so appealing.

Did you know that the only desert in Europe is in Andalucia ? It’s your chance to admire astonishing arid sceneries blending with majestic mountains and the Mediterranean sea. A perfect place for Instagram addicts !

6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

A cheap destination

If you are European, then Spain is highly accessible and affordable for everybody. Thanks to low costs airlines and cheap prices, you can go there very easily. Renting a car in Spain is also cheap and food is consecrated bread. You won’t go bankrupt !

Spectacular beaches

Playa de los Muertos, Cala d’Or, playa de Monsul and the list is still long. Swim in clear blue waters and tan on dreamy beaches, that’s my kind of stuff ! What about you ? One thing you should do at least once is to organize a picnic on the beach and watch the sunset. Enjoy beautiful colors as the sun dips behind the Mediterranean sea…

6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

What I dont like about Spain

  • The job market

Ok, ok there are also some things that bother me in Spain, nothing is all black or white. Spain has unfortunately a really high unemployment rate (about 18%), therefore a part of the population has a hard time finding jobs, especially young adult and all over the country.

    • Too touristic in summer

Spain and its coastline attracts millions of tourists each year, but honestly I think it’s ruining everything. Cities like Lloret del Mar are just a nightmare for me. The seafront is jammed with hideous resorts, pickpockets are popping up all over the place and you only see tourists. It’s simply not the kind of things I’m looking for when I go on holidays.


6 Reasons to fall in love with Spain

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