What do I like about Barcelona ? Of course I’m fond of  its beautiful beaches, its welcoming population and its unique architecture. But Barcelona is also one of the best place to party in Europe. Therefore, since I have lived for a short period of time in this city, I’m able to tell you my opinion about Barcelona’s nightlife… And it is pretty fantastic ! You will find a tremendous array of nightclubs and literally every kind of music. House, techno, reggaeton, rock, pop… They have everything ! I used to have the time of my life in those nightclubs. So why not telling you more about my experience and the places to absolutely discover next time you land in Barcelona. And if you too, have any suggestions about nightclubs in Barcelona, I’m all ears.

Margaux’s tips: the only thing you must know when you are in Spain is that Spaniards are party people. They usually go out around 2 AM and party until early morning… Do you think you could keep up with them ?

Also, if you are a girl in Barcelona or even the rest of Spain, know that you can pay less than boys to enter a club thanks to the ladies nights. Something that I was gladly taking advantage of !

Top 6  favorite nightclubs in Barcelona


Let’s start with the Club Razzmatazz, which is a huuuge place to go party with your friends. You will love this nightclub and its several atmospheres on each floor. In total, you will find 5 rooms. If I remember well, you have 2 rooms dedicated to electro, disco and pop music, another one for more indie rock styles, and two others for techno lovers. Not bad, right ?

The only annoying thing is the line. There’s always tons of people lining up to get in and you have to wait for hours. For this reason, either come early or rather late, otherwise you will definitely wait a long time.

Opening hours : 00h00 – 5:30 AM

Price : 15€

The Top 6 best Nightclubs in Barcelona

Bling bling

One of the best parties I’ve been to ! I have so many good memories about this place that I had to include it in this article. This nightclub -as the name mentions it- is essentially chic and elegant. I could qualify the atmosphere as squanky. Everybody goes with a sophisticated attire and the interior design is quite dashing. But be careful boys ! You will not be able to go in with a simple T-shirt and a pair of sneakers ! Put on a night attire and you’ll be fine.

I also believe that this club is underrated. If you look online, you’ll probably read negative comments about the staff. But honestly in my experience, if you wear a proper outfit and you remain respectful, you won’t have any problems.

Opening hours : 00:00 – 06:00 AM

Price : 20€

Macarena Club

It was the first club I went to when I arrived in Barcelona and I keep a very good memory of this place. Not too fancy, not too colossal, but it did the job for a nice night out with my friends. You won’t find a lot of tourists there either, they usually go out in the really famous nightclubs located on the beach. So remember: the Macarena Club is a good place to be tourist free and have fun in an intimate place !

Opening hours : 00:00 – 5:00 AM

Price : 10€

The Top 6 best Nightclubs in Barcelona

La Terrazza

I just looove this place !! Especially during summer, since there’s a lovely terrace and it’s outdoor. What else could you possibly ask for ? Enjoying the splendid Spanish weather and dancing under the stars while listening to great music, it’s all I need ! Even during the high season, prices remain affordable with 15€ for the entry + a drink.

Opening hours : 00:30 – 6:00 AM

Price : 15€ with drink

Side Car

Located in the Plaza Reial and near the Ramblas, it’s the perfect location to go party downtown after a good dinner. The dance floor is underground to avoid noise complaints from the neighbors, so f you are claustrophobic I wouldn’t recommend this place. So once you paid, take directly the stairs, that’s where you will find the main stage and the bar.

I remember once, I couldn’t get in because the club was already overcrowded. I would advise to go there quite early if you don’t want to be stuck outside like me.

This place might not be for everyone though. They usually play rock, punk, indie and all the styles that don’t really fit in the mainstream.

Opening hours : 1:00 – 6:00 AM

Price : 15€

The Top 6 best Nightclubs in Barcelona


You may have heard of this one because it’s pretty famous. DJ’s like David Guetta or Steve Aoki have mixed there and did amazing performances. In my opinion, Opium is club you go to for a proper night out, you know what I mean ? Whenever you just want to party in a festive atmosphere, go there. You’ll find good music, it’s located near the seaside and you don’t need to be dressed up with super fancy and elaborate clothes.

Also, don’t forget that each day there is a sort of themed night going on. For instance, Wednesday is ladies nights, Sundays is reggaeton, Tuesdays is downtown and so on. Personally, Sundays were my favorite… I’m obsessed with reggaeton, I can’t resist that beat !

Opening hours : 00:00 – 5:00 AM

Price : 20€

And you, have you ever been out in Barcelona ? What is your favorite place ? Let me know in the comments !

The Top 6 best Nightclubs in Barcelona


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