Bali is the destination that I totally fell in love with and where I come back every year. On my last trip to this stunning Indonesian Island,  I had the chance to stay in a magical hotel that I wanted to share with you : Hideaway Villas Bali. As soon as you hear villa with private pool, you imagine immediately having to pay a lot of money to enjoy a few days of luxury, so imagine my joy when I discovered this place with design decoration, which offers villas from €150 per night ! Let’s see together my six reasons why you should succumb to this little place of paradise.


Hideaway Villas Bali

Charm of Uluwatu | Hotel Location
Stunning Private Villas  |  Amazing Balinese food
Luxury Bamboo Spa |  Privacy as a priority 

More informations about Hideway Villas Bali   | My conclusion

Charm of Uluwatu :

Located in the south of Bali’s island, about an hour from Denpasar, Uluwatu definitely made me fall in love. This is where I was able to discover my favorites beaches in Bali, including Blue Point Beach. To access this beach, you have to go down many steps to reach the bottom of the cliff and the two magnificent beaches. I can only recommend Nyang Nyang Beach, Dreamland Beach or Padang Padang, which has been used for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts. Uluwatu is also the place where all surfers seem to meet, so do not be surprised to see many people in the water. The other must-see in Uluwatu is the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu. For 15 000 rupees, you can enter the temple, perched on a top of a cliff 70 meters above the sea. I really recommend going there at the end of the day to enjoy beautiful sunsets and a magical sky.


Hotel Location :

Hideaway Villas Bali is a newly opened luxury property, located on the green hills of Uluwatu. From the hotel, you can enjoy some incredible ocean views and incredible sunsets ! Just by taking the small road that meanders the hills, you understand that what you will discover is far superior to all your expectations. I really enjoy the calm, especially after spending some time in the busy cities of Kuta or Semyniak.

Hideaway Villas Bali - 6 reasons to visit this intimate hotel

Stunning private villas  :

Hideaway Villas Bali offers several types of villas,  according to your needs, from the Suite with a private pool to the 2 Bedrooms Deluxe Pool Villa for four persons. The first thing I noticed was the huge wooden door over two meters high, which was only a glimpse of what I was going to discover behind. After taking the staircase, I finally discovered a modern villa, totally open to the outside. I immediately loved the huge open living room with sofa and television, as well as the kitchen in the background. Quickly, I push a door to discover a huge room with stone walls. But, I am quickly told that this is not the main bedroom … What ?? So I head over the other side and discovered a real cocoon. The master bedroom is huge with glass walls that allows you to enjoy a view of the pool and the sea from your bed. Speaking of the bed, I have only one desire : jump on it like a child because the mattress seem so comfortable. From there, I discovered another door that I slid slowly to discover an incredible bathroom ! All the walls were made of stones, a huge bathtub stands in the middle and mirrors of different sizes litter the wall, to make the space even bigger than it already is.

I then crossed the room to finally discover the object of all my desires, the famous private infinity pool. It is even bigger than in my dreams : 7 meters long and 1,50 meters deep. Is that really a private pool ? I didn’t hesitate a single second and dived in, before enjoying the ocean view. I turned around and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire villa and I realized that even though the villa is completely open to the outside, it was designed to make sure that every guest feels like there is no one else in the hotel. If it’s not heaven, it looks like a lot !

Hideaway Villas Bali - 6 reasons to visit this intimate hotel

Amazing Balinese food  :

If you like Balinese food, you’re in the right place. The hotel’s restaurant, the Pudak, serves traditional and refined Asian food. No need to leave the comfort of your private villa, you can order your meal directly in the your living room through the phone. On the menu you will find Indonesian specialties as well as Western cuisine and a wide range of vegetarian options. Hideaway Villas Bali also offers a cocktail menu that is more than satisfying, especially at sunset time.

Luxury Bamboo Spa  :

The hotel’s Bamboo Spa is the perfect place to indulge, alone or with your partner. You will have the choice between many types of massages and treatments. You will be welcomed in an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and peace, with a lime tea, before starting the treatment of your choice. A little advice ? I recommend the hot stones massage 😉

Hideaway Villas Bali - 6 reasons to visit this intimate hotel

Privacy as a priority  :

What I really liked about Hideway Villas Bali is all the efforts put on the privacy. Even though the hotel has many villas, you feel like you’re alone in the world. Even when you enjoy  your infinity pool, you can be sure that no one sees you. Although the villa is completely open to the outside, the architecture of the hotel allows each guest to enjoy his private space. Even the staff will make sure to put daily clean your villa only when you left to enjoy some outside activities.

More informations about Hideway Villas Bali

If you are planning a trip to Bali, I can only recommend a stay at Hideway Villas Bali. You will be able to enjoy exceptional facilities and easy access to all the must-see in Uluwatu. The hotel offers a transfer service from and to the airport, as well as transportation to all the rest of the island. As I said before, Hideaway Villas Bali is a 40 minutes drive from Bali International Airport so you can easily catch a taxi or a private driver.

My conclusion about Hideaway Villas Bali :

Having traveled to Bali several times, I had the chance to discover many places on the island and I highly recommend you to visit Uluwatu region ! And when it comes to discover this beautiful area, why not spoiling yourself with an amazing place to stay for a few nights ?  Hideaway Villas Bali is a little piece of paradise, still not known by everyone, which offers more than affordable prices for high quality services.

Hideaway Villas Bali - 6 reasons to visit this intimate hotel


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