About me

” A change of latitude would help my attitude “

It is with this quote that I introduce myself. Hello ! I’m Tiphaine, 25 years old and a French girl coming from the Alps. Well, let’s go straight to the point, traveling  is my passion. Of course, I have others, like sleeping, eating cheese, cuddling with my cat and … grumbling, but I could not see myself doing a blog about it. The travel addiction began for me, when I had the chance to study in Montreal at 18 years old. For six months, I discovered this incredible city, as well as many parts of Canada. At that age, English and I were not really good friends, so Quebec was the perfect destination for a French person. Once back in my mountains of the Alps, it was difficult to return to normal and I quickly needed some new adventures. At some point, I decided to take control of my life by … learning English. For that, I went to study in Ireland for a semester. I then discovered that English and Irish is not really the same thing, but not bad, I got hooked. Once the language of Shakespeare wasn’t a big issue for me anymore, I found an internship in Germany to be a writer for a huge European travel blog. After six months, I became the head of the project. As you can imagine, writing all day about traveling does not really help to cure your travel addiction, quite the opposite…

Over the years, I have had the chance to discover new destinations in Europe, of course, but also to discover new continents. Miami, Los Angeles, Mauritius, Bali, Thailand and more recently South Africa. Because yes, it may be hard to believe after living in Canada, Ireland and Northern Germany, but I do love the sun ! That’s why, in this year of 2018, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I leave my job, my little daily comfort and the security of a permanent contract to explore Australie. Are you coming with me ?

About Six Reasons Why :

So why Six Reasons Why ? As I’ve blogged during the past three years, I could not see me stopping overnight. Especially on the eve of a thrilling adventure that will be my year in Australia. Writing about my travel experiences and my impressions are two things that I think are essential in a world of ephemeral stories and buzz that happen as quickly as they leave. To stay true to the concept of my blog, here are the six reasons to read my blog.

  • Find inspiration for your travels :

Whether you are looking for a destination to visit or advice for an already planned trip, I will do my best to inspire you through my experiences and my recommendations.

  • Share with travel lovers :

What I like above all in the blogging experience is to be able to interact with other enthusiasts. I cannot imagine this being one way. I hope I will be able to read your feedback, your experiences and your recommendations.

  • Find information in French and in English :

Living abroad for years now, I could have not created a blog only in French, because English has become a big part of me and my everyday life. That’s why you will find all the content available in both French and English on my blog. I can only ask for all the English native speakers to forgive me for all the mistakes they may find.

  • 6 reasons and not one more :

If I love discovering new travel blogs to find inspiration or discover some tips, I find myself sometimes discouraged by the length of articles without paragraphs. And as the saying goes “do not do to others what  you would not want them to do to you”, I propose short and organized articles in six points.

  • Honesty above all :

As a traditional French person, I like to complain ! And since there is no reason to be different here, I will also share my disappointments and my objective opinions with you.

  • New articles weekly :

I do not know about you, but I find it frustrating to visit a website and see that there is nothing new. I will therefore set myself as a rule to propose a new article per week.

With that, I wish you a good reading and I hope to hear from you on the social media 🙂

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