As we have not yet invented teleportation, the plane is the step number one of every trip. And since I have not won the lottery yet, I leave the business class to others. On the one hand, I like being in an airport. I usually observe people from everywhere in the world trying to guess their next destination while eating anything at any time. On the other hand, flying hours are usually long. After many long-haul flights, I managed to make them more and more comfortable. So I decided to share with you my 6 tips for surviving a long flight.

6 Tips for surviving a long flight

Check in early|  Dress comfortably
The plane survival kit  |  Eat and Drink
Entertain yourself  | Sleep as much as possible

The strategic choice of the seat

The comfort of your flight can be determined before even boarding! The choice of seat on the plane is always an important criteria and I try to be available at the opening of the check-in. Then begins the dilemma between Team Aisle and Team Window seat! I much prefer the window seat for three reasons. I’m not disturbed if I want to get up, not disturbed by the stewardesses and I have a support to put my head.

Tips to choose the best seat on the Airpline:

  • Avoid the seats next to the toilet or the bottom of the plane if you want to sleep. There is often passage and noise.
  • If you are a couple, reserve a seat next to the window and an aisle seat. It is unlikely that someone will reserve the middle seat and if the flight is full, this person will be happy to switch.
  • If you realize that the plane is not complete during the boarding, hurry to change seats before they close the doors. You can enjoy an alley for yourself. Sit in the middle to dissuade other people from doing the same (no pity!).

6 Tips for surviving a long flight

Dress comfortably

All my respect goes for these women that we meet at airports with perfect brushing and high heels. How are they doing? For comfort, I opt for a jog, sneakers and a sweatshirt. Anyway, you are neither Beyonce nor Kim Kardashian, there is a little chance that you meet paparazzi on arrival. Since you can never predict the temperature in the plane, the strategy is to dress with layers of clothing. But, it is often cold on board, so you will surely appreciate the covers available. I strongly recommend a sweat with a hood : when you try to sleep, it allows you to cut a bit of the world.

The plane survival kit

It took me several flights to determine my minimum survival for a long flight. As I am a pretty nice girl, I will share my list.

What to take with you on the plane?

  • Travel Pillow : I assure you that this gadget will incredibly improve the quality of your flight and allow you to sleep more easily.
  • Sleeping Mask and earplugs : just like the travel pillow, these two accessories allow me to sleep at any time, even during a day flight.
  • Earphones and / or headphones : I personally take both, the headphones are perfect for watching a movie or mute the noise and the earphones are more suitable for dozing while listening to music.
  • Laptop / Mobile : I know it sounds obvious. But I got stolen my phone in Bali and I had to do all the flight without : I assure you that it is horrible, even without internet!
  • Phone and computer chargers : If you plan to spend time on your phone or computer, it is very likely that the battery will not last the entire flight. Most planes  are equipped with a USB plug or a normal plug. It is still necessary to think of the cables and it is always better to carry an external battery.
  • Toilet bag : you will not be able to be fresh at the end of your flight, but there is a minimum that can change everything. Bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, lip balm and a hairbrush for girls.
  • Blanket  : Even though airlines often provide a blanket, it’s not automatic. And in the best case, you’ll have two for even more comfort.

6 Tips for surviving a long flight

Eat and drink in the plane

What better occupation than eat? Well, I’m not talking about ruining all your summer-body efforts in a 10 hour flight, but still. Most airlines offer meals on board, good or less-good depending on the company.  Personally, I really like the meals of Emirates and I’m not a big fan of those of Etihad Airways. You are not unaware that because of the altitude and the low humidity, your taste buds lose 30% of their sensitivity. To avoid this phenomenon, the airlines adds many spices and a lot of salt to their dishes. In addition, digestion is slow in altitude, so it is advisable not to eat large portions.

What to eat in the plane?

  • Airline Meal:  I urge you to change your meal preferences before the flight. This allows you to choose your menu from different options and you will be served first on the plane.
  • Bring small snacks: cereal bars, fruit, sandwiches or salads, prefer small portions, because you should not exaggerate on food during flights.
  • Have sweet : a study has shown that sugar helps to recover from jet lag.
  • Drink a lot of water : I never drink alcohol on board, even if it is free. First of all because I want to be fresh on my vacation spot, then, because it will make me want to smoke (I know, it’s bad) and above all, because it’s super bad for health. Alcohol dehydrates you completely on the plane. On the other hand, you need to drink plenty of water to hydrate and avoid headaches.

Entertain yourself

In most long flights you will enjoy a screen and plenty of entertainment. The selection of films is usually recent and you can catch up with all the movies you’ve missed. I’m not a great fan of spending 10 hours watching movies, so I have other tips for you.

Tips for flying

  • Read : I love to immerse myself in a good book, but I usually do not have the time in everyday life. In a plane, it’s another story. I can devour a book without being able to stop during the flight.
  • Youtube : I’m a big fan of Youtube in everyday life, but I’m not always able to be updated in the videos. So I download the videos from Youtube before the flight, which allows me to watch them without internet on board.
  • Organize and edit photos: this advice applies especially for the return flight. Use those long hours to sort out your pictures. If you have your laptop with you, you can even edit your photos on Lightroom. The only problem can be the lighting in the plane.
  • Play : There are some mobile games that can pass the time and even become addictive. I recommend you 1010! or Cooking Craze.

6 Tips for surviving a long flight

Sleep as much as you can

I have not found a better way to spend time than sleeping. And I’m lucky enough to fall asleep easily and quickly. It is not uncommon for me to sleep all the way, even if I have two flights of 8 or 9 hours. I’ve had a row to myself several times and it’s honestly like winning the lottery :p If not, with a reclined seat back, a travel pillow, a mask, ear plugs and a blanket, you can  sleep easily. Otherwise, you can always take a sleeping pill to make sleep easier.

I totally discourage you the logic “I’m going to party the day before, so I’m going to sleep during the whole flight”. There is nothing worse than taking a flight completely tired or with a hangover. Time will go even slower. The best is to enjoy a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.


Do you have tips for surviving a long flight? Feel free to give me your little tips in the comments below!


6 Tips for surviving a long flight

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