Washington D.C offers an incredible amount of activities to discover and experiment with friends and family. Whether it’s going to museums, street festivals, celebrations, parties or city events, you will always end up doing something exciting. Now, let’s get into business and let me show you a preview of what awaits you with this 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

Visit the Newseum The Cherry Blossom festival & Christmas lighting ceremony
Participate in one of the Street festival    Explore the Capitol
Explore the city by bike   Chill on the National Mall

Visit the Newseum

Even if museums are not your kind of thing, you should visit the Newseum. For around 25$ you will enter in an interactive museum displaying the history of journalism, medias and freedom of speech. You will learn about the evolution of communication throughout the years and be able to stand in front of an actual piece of the Berlin Wall. Besides, you can read the original newspapers addressing the first amendment or the September 11th attacks. But the fun part is that you can participate to an interactive newsroom. What is that ? Literally to be in the shoes of a real reporter by having your own TV news broadcast. Trust me, you can get a good laugh ! Don’t forget to go up on the lovely terrace where you’ll have an impressive view on the Capitol and the rest of the city.

The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

The Cherry Blossom festival & Christmas lighting ceremony

Depending on when you’re going to D.C, you should try to book your holidays either in April or December. Two amazing events are taking place at that time of the year.

First let’s talk about the cherry blossom festival which is popular for its undeniable beauty. Go to the Tidal Basin and admire more than 3700 cherry trees in full bloom. The area burst into pink color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks. It will leave you speechless !

The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is also a family-friendly and fun event to take part in. It’s the best way to welcome the holiday season ! This tradition exists since the 20’s in D.C, but it’s also a good occasion to see the president light this gigantic Christmas tree and to enjoy performances. I’m sure you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful and unique decoration standing out from the night.

The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

Participate in one of the Street festival

Washington D.C is filled of street festivals. I remember when I used to walk around in the city I would always end up walking through a street festival. Whether it’s a food festival, a music festival or a cultural festival, it’s always fascinating and entertaining to join in. The one that I particularly recommend is the H street festival which takes place in September with a bunch of beer tents, artists and performances. Usually the weather at that time is amazing, so don’t miss this pleasant and friendly neighborhood gathering.

Explore the Capitol

The United States Capitol is one of the most recognizable symbols of representative democracy in the world. A must-see if you come to the capital of the US. Book a tour with a guide that will teach you many interesting facts and tell you the behind the scenes stories. The cript, the rotunda, the statuary hall and the dome will be the highlights of the tour. You’ll get the amazing chance to see with your own eyes the official Declaration of Independence, the documents of the Baptism of Pocahontas, the Embarkation of the Pilgrims and the Landing of Columbus. Quite impressive if you ask me !

The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

Explore the city by bike

Riding a bicycle in downtown D.C and feeling the wind in your hair is a great feeling. If you don’t know where to start, you can rent a bike and start your trip in Georgetown. Then go along the Potomac river to the Tidal Basin and explore further the city center. It’s the perfect activity for a sunny Sunday afternoon to venture in the capital. With its waterfront, green parks, off-street trails and network of bike lanes, Washington D.C is an exciting place for bike lovers. Where else could you get your daily dose of cardio while passing by some of the U.S most emblematic monuments?

The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.

Chill on the National Mall

Another thing that you must absolutely do is go to the National Mall. One of the most popular place in the city where you can wander, go for a run or chill with your friends. I remember going there and enjoying picnics with my friends on the grass, appreciating the moment. By the way, the Mall is quite long; between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial you have to walk about 3 km (around 2 miles). If you feel like it’s too much, you can either ride a bicycle or start your walk from the Washington Monument. But be sure to take a moment to look up at the magnificent architecture and design of the monuments and memorials surrounding you.


The 6 best things to do in Washington D.C.


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