When you live in Europe and you are desperately looking for some sun, a great city to visit and a dreamy destination, Barcelona comes as a must. I had the chance to fly to this remarkable city a couple of times and every trip has been a truly marvelous adventure. I even worked and lived a whole summer in Barcelona, which allowed me to discover every corner of the city and to fall in love with its irresistible charm.

To me, Barcelona comes as one of the best destinations to travel in Europe since you can find pretty much everything you’re looking for and at a cheap price. Breathtaking architecture, lively nightlife, astonishing beaches, tasty food, open and welcoming locals… Barcelona has it all !

6 Reasons to visit Barcelona

Tapas are life  |  Friendly locals 
Crazy Nightlife  |  Bunker del Carmen
The seafront  | Gaudi’s Masterpieces 

What I don’t like in Barcelona

Tapas are life

Let’s start with a very important thing when you travel : food ! In Barcelona, I fell for Spanish tapas as well as the local restaurants located all over the city. Forget the common touristic restaurants offering tasteless dishes and where you get charged a tremendous amount of money. Instead, search for cute little places where you can enjoy traditional food and an inspiring spanish atmosphere. Trust me, it’s so much better than the low quality tourist restaurants.

By the way, if you go to Barcelona and you want to have a nice lunch for a couple of euros, it’s better to take tapas than dishes. It will cost you a lot less than for a full meal because you share everything. And it’s much more friendly don’t you think ? Just try it out and tell me about it !

6 Reasons to visit Barcelona

Friendly and welcoming locals

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve lived in Barcelona for a short period of time, therefore I had the opportunity to meet many locals and learn about the culture. I actually love how the Spanish way of life is diametrically opposed to the French one. Spaniards are genuinely welcoming people and proud of everything their country has to offer to international visitors. They’ll often do everything in their power to welcome visitors and help them if needed. Of course, the more you speak spanish, the more doors it will open for you. Among all the countries I have visited, I found Spain to be one of the most friendliest places.

A crazy nightlife

Ok, now let’s get into the cool stuff ! You will find so many bars and nightclubs in Barcelona that the hardest part is to decide where you want to go. Besides, I can assure you that Spanish people know how to party ! Usually, they all meet around 11 PM and pre party in a flat or in a bar and around 2-3 AM  they will be on their way to the club.

One thing that I really enjoyed in Barcelona and in Spain: clubs close very late. Around 6 or 7 AM, so that you have time to party all night long, right? That’s one of the reasons why Spanish people start to go out later in the night than in the rest of Europe.

If you’re looking to go out in a bar in Barcelona, you will find one at roughly every corner. For nightclubs, you will find cool places in the Eixample district or next to the sea front.

Regarding the prices, they range between 10 and 20€ depending on where you go, but you will usually have a drink included with the entry fee.

6 Reasons to visit Barcelona

My favorite spot : the Bunker del Carmel

The bunker is my favorite place in the city because of the panoramic view of Barcelona and its surroundings. I actually discovered this place thanks to a friend I met when I was living in Barcelona. Everytime I go there I have my mind blown away by the landscape’s beauty. Therefore, if you want to admire the city from above and watch dazzling sunsets, then the Bunker is made for you !

The best part is that it’s not too touristy yet, so you can chill there with friends and a good sangria !

The seafront

I have lived next to the sea for my entire life and that’s why I also love Barcelona. I think it’s the perfect city to go to on holidays or even to settle down. You probably know the playa de la Barceloneta and its famous landmark. However, I wouldn’t recommend going there if you want to get a good tan. The beach is usually crowded with tourists and not very clean. You should consider walking a little bit more and go to Platja del Bogatell which is much better.

In my opinion, Barcelona’s coastline is the best place in the city if you want to take a bit of fresh air, get away from the agitation of the city and enjoy the serenity of water.

6 Reasons to visit Barcelona

Gaudi’s masterpieces

I’ve always been fascinated by the architecture of Barcelona, which is full of creativity. It’s incredible to see how the mix of traditional buildings with ceramic, stones and iron go so well together. And let’s be honest, that’s what makes Barcelona uniquely beautiful. Besides, you only need to look up to admire this splendid artwork. No need to spend tons of money, the city is an open air museum ! You can walk down the Passeig de Gracia to see the Casa Batllo and la Pedrera or go to the Parc Guell and enjoy the colorful panorama overlooking the city and the Mediterranean sea.

6 Reasons to visit Barcelona

What I don’t like in Barcelona

  • Too many french tourists

You may have understood, I’m Barcelona’s biggest fan. However, you will find sooo many French tourists in the city that you will actually start to believe that you are in France. It’s crazy to see that almost everything you hear in the street is just French. At least in the touristic places, but it’s definitely something I’m not a big fan of.

  • Pickpockets

This is something I’m always scared of when I travel… What if my credit card get stolen, or my telephone and travel documents ? Unfortunately, Barcelona is packed with pickpockets, especially in the metro and busy touristic areas. So always keep an eye on your belongings, because you are the target !


What about you guys ? Have you ever been to Barcelona ? What do you think of this city ? Do you have any places or activities to recommend ? Let me hear all about it in the comment section ! 🙂


6 Reasons to visit Barcelona


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